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How to Use Online Online Translators Effectively 

The first thing to keep in mind in regard to online translators is that they do not replace human translation.  At best, they provide you with the "general idea" of the text you wish to translate.

If you are a student in a Spanish class you should not rely on an online translator to do your work for you.  Nothing can replace old-fashioned hard work and study, and your teacher will soon pick up on what you did.

If you are a business person you should never let a translator do the translating of your business letters and documents.  You will live to regret it, either through embarrassment, lost business, or offending someone.

But, despite all the negatives online translators are a great way to get started on a translation for general understanding.  Just don't forget the human factor!

There are several translating services available on the internet where you can pay for actual human translators.  Check them out carefully and ask for references of people or businesses they have served.