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Mostly Spain.


Includes some sentences/phrases; a little confusing at first; Mostly Spain.


Requires 2 to 3 step process; Has dictionary entries/definitions;Spain and some Latin America

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Lenguaje.com (thesaurus)


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How to Use Online Dictionaries Effectively

It is often difficult to determine which word is most commonly used in Latin America or Spain by checking only one dictionary source.  Cross-checking the word in at least 3 dictionaries usually indicates one term as being more commonly used as the most common term.  For example, if one is looking for the Spanish word for bedroom, the first dictionary may show terms such as alcoba, recámara, dormitorio, or cuarto.  Checking several sources may indicate that dormitorio or alcoba is used more commonly in Spain, whereas recámara or cuarto may be used more commonly in Mexico or among Spanish-speaking Americans.